• Ben Halfpenny

Automated featuring engineering is a game-changer for data scientists during these disruptive times

COVID-19 has shaken fundamentals, reduced clarity and visibility into the business landscape, and devalued our previously reliable data, knowledge and expertise. For many the last 3 weeks of data is more valuable than the last 2 years. Models are rigid, they do not adapt as the world remains dynamic and volatile. Decision support systems powered by machine learning models that have been built over the last five years now need to be rebuilt having severely degraded and lost accuracy.

SparkBeyonds AI platform is able to identify new emerging patterns in minutes from limited data sets by automating Data Preparation and Feature Engineering. In just minutes, millions of hypotheses can be tested and features coded and surfaced to find new patterns of rapidly changing consumer behaviour that the human mind would never think to test (unknown unknowns) within highly complex data sets. Individual, explainable features now become insights that allow Data teams to tell powerful stories to the business and rapidly build and tune explainable predictive models.

External data has never been more valuable from footfall to mobility, geo-spatial and government restrictions enabling limited internal data sets to be enriched. Hundreds of external datasets can be auto-joined in minutes preventing the need for complex data joins to find hidden insights behind the world’s greatest problems thus making effective use of newly formed external knowledge.

As McKinsey’s global AI platform, and top 15-strategic partner of Microsoft, SparkBeyonds models adapt 24/7 to rapid change in customer behaviours and uncertainty. They are able to deploy relevant and agile forecasting systems within just days, with the last two weeks of data being more predictive than the last two years, meaning clients can see initial actionable insights in just hours, enabling the implementation of pilot solutions within weeks.

This multi-sector end-to-end operating system for Data Scientists has driven impact in demand forecasting, fraud detection, churn and customer LTV, as well as many other areas. In its totality, AI and SparkBeyond’s platform can be used to help Data Scientists regain control of the new normal during such dynamic and volatile times, where current support systems and predictive models are obsolete.

For more information on the platform please contact Ben Halfpenny on 0161 250 9060

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