shaping your career search

Our career-science approach is at the core of talenting. We will work closely with you, meeting with you, asking the right questions and then combine the latest AI toolsets with human thinking. This helps us explore your known and hidden abilities and coach you to do the best in your career search. 


talenting understands the benefits of a neurodivergent workforce, and champions neurodiversity in the workplace - this is one of the founding principles of our company. 

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modelling your recruitment processes

As a client of talenting we will partner with you and use many of the same career-science techniques to understand the role you are looking to recruit into, plus the type of individual and personality that will be of greatest value to you now and into the future.


We will work with you to explore the types of individuals who could be successful in the role. We will help you design the best interview and selection process for each role. We champion individuality and diversity and believe that a "one process for all" recruitment adopted by some organisations may exclude a significant proportion of potential employees.